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Parents cannot stand the sight of their children in pain. Unfortunately, when mouth sore strikes, feeling pain is inevitable. They become irritable. They lose their appetite because of difficulty in eating.

Once you see all of these happen to your child, you will definitely be tempted to use whatever is available at home to get rid of mouth sore e.g., salt water, honey, and oral disinfectants that sting upon application.

However, before you reach for these remedies, be careful: just because you can stand the mild discomfort of a saline solution or an oral disinfectant, it doesn’t mean your child can. Remember: they are far less tolerant of pain and sensitive to taste

Mouth sore usually heals on its own but if it is caused by fungal infection which is quite common in young children, it should be treated with appropriate medication. Doctor-recommended Miconazole (Daktarin® oral gel) is a medicine that works fast in treating mouth sore due to fungal infection. It can be used for adults and children 4 months and above.

Daktarin® oral gel is kid-friendly because it comes in orange-flavored oral gel that is easy and is not painful to apply.

If you’ve made the choice to use Daktarin® oral gel for your child, here’s a quick guide to follow to get the most from this treatment: 

In using DAKTARIN® ORAL Gel for children:

Talk to your child: Children equate medicine with discomfort, so it is best to make them understand why exactly they need to take their medicine. Use a calm tone.
Make sure they have eaten before taking Daktarin® oral gel. This is to avoid the gel being swallowed immediately.
When applying the gel to the affected area, use a cotton swab or clean finger to avoid contamination.
Apply Daktarin® oral gel to the affected area at least 4x a day after meals. Make sure that you don't put the gel near the back of the child’s throat, as this can be a choking hazard.
Tell the child to not run the tongue around the area where the gel was applied to prevent the medicine from being washed away too soon

The treatment should be continued for at least a week after the symptoms have disappeared. This will make sure the infection is fully treated and thus help prevent it from coming back.

Daktarin® Oral Gel is available in 3.5g and 10g tubes in drugstores nationwide.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.