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Did you know that normal healthy individuals have fungi in their mouth? When we are exposed to triggering conditions such as stress, certain illnesses or medications, these fungi called candida albicans multiply, causing a condition called oral thrush or mouth sore due to fungal infection.

Oral thrush produces the same kind of discomfort as singaw contracted from other causes. This kind of singaw hampers eating, talking and general movement of anything in the mouth.

Who are prone to oral thrush?

Usually these are people who have compromised immune systems:

  • Babies

  • Diabetics

  • Cancer patients

  • People with HIV

  • Excessive smokers

  • Those taking antibiotics or steroids for long period

When this kind of singaw happens, it is best to seek treatment immediately. The goal of the treatment is to prevent or stop the rapid spread of the fungus from the mouth to other parts of the body like lungs, heart or bloodstream, which may be dangerous especially for those patients who have weak immune system.1

Since occurrence of singaw is localized in the mouth area, it is best to give a topical mouth antifungal agent like Miconazole (Daktarin® Oral Gel).

Daktarin® oral gel is a medicine that works fast in treating singaw due to fungal infection. Based on clinical study1, Daktarin® oral gel is proven to be more efective versus nystatin in treating oral thrush or mouth sore due to fungal infection with a faster cure rate of 97% - 100% after 7 days of treatment.1 This medicine is approved for use in adults and children 4 months and above.2

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