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Singaw can be a huge pain to have and it can occur anywhere in your mouth. Commonly, mouth sores are triggered due to irritations from a sharp or broken tooth, poorly fitting dentures, biting your cheek, tongue, and lip, burns from hot food or drinks, and chewing tobacco.

However, Did You Know that there are other things that can cause singaw or do you ever wonder why some people are more prone to having it?



Stress is often attributed as a possible cause of mouth sore or singaw. Because stress is so demanding on the body, it weakens the immune system which makes a person more vulnerable to colds and infections.


Singaw could be a caused by a more serious disease. It may be triggered by an underlying health concern such as diabetes, gastrointestinal tract disease, celiac disease or Crohn’s disease. Diabetes patients specially, are more prone to having fungal singaw or oral thrush because it affects a person’s immune system. It’s likely that a person with uncontrolled diabetes has high level of sugar in his/her saliva which fuels the growth of Candida Albicans fungus (fungi that causes oral thrush) in his/her mouth.


Taking certain medications or undergoing chemotherapy can make you prone to singaw Chemotherapy is designed to kill cells that divide quickly. While cancer cells are these kinds of cells, other cells in your body divide quickly as well which can lead to multiple side effects including mouth sores. Some people may get mouth sores as a reaction to their medications.


Singaw is a sign of a weakened immune system. People who have weak immune system are babies, people with pneumonia or HIV/AIDs.

Those cases mentioned above are also pre-disposed to what we called oral thrush or mouth sore due to fungal infection. For this type of singaw, the goal of treatment is to prevent the rapid spread of fungus to prevent complication by treating it with an antifungal medication.

Miconazole (Daktarin® Oral Gel) is an antifungal agent that works fast in treating oral thrush or mouth sore due to fungal infection. This medicine is approved for use for adults and children 4 months and above.